Treatment by the best Israeli doctors in the best clinics of Israel


Israeli doctors are well-known all over the world

Israeli doctors are considered to be very advanced in offering cancer treatment, treatments related to nervous system disorders, cardiovascular and rare genatic diseases, gynaecological problems, venerelogy etc. Their success rate in IVF treatments is very high and among the world higest.

Leading innovation, Israeli doctors use the most advanced techniques combined with highest quality equipment that assist them in many cases to achieve perfection and highest quality rates than those of other medically advanced countries like the USA.

Health-Plus WMA committed to offer the highest quality health care services to its patients, making Israeli medicine even more accessible.

Treatment in Israel: state-of-the-art facilities and latest technology equipment

Treatment in Israel: state-of-the-art facilities and latest technology equipment

Israeli medical centers are known worldwide for their excellent facilities and their latest technology equipment, which one can find only in the most advanced clincs in the world.

Hadassah Medical Center

World-class academic medical center, Hadassah is the largest and oldest medical institution in the Middle East. Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in Hadassah are carried out at the level of the best clinics of the USA and Europe.

Sourasky-Ichilov Medical Center

One of the largest Israeli governmental clinics, which specilizes in all fields of medical and surgical disciplines. Many specialists of Sourasky Medical Center are widely known both in Israel and abroad.

Assuta medical center

Assuta is the largest private clinic in Israel, the center of advanced technology and minimally invasive surgery, which employs leading Israeli doctors.


Health-Plus WMA provides
a full package of services:

  • Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Escorting during an admission process
  • Tours for family members

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Escorting during an admission process

The undeniable benefits of treatment
in Israel with Health-Plus

The undeniable benefits of treatment
in Israel with Health-Plus

Diagnosis and treatment by world-renowned Israeli doctors
Highest quality medical services
Fast and high-quality organization of trip to Israel

We are here to alleviate all your concerns!

The international company Health-Plus WMA has been organizing the treatment of patients from dozens of countries, including the Middle East, with the best representative of Israeli medicine for over 16 years.

Experienced Health-Plus professionals follow a complete patient oriented and tailor made approach: we assist in taking the right decision regarding which clinic is the most suitable with the most specialized doctor for this particular case, always taking into consideration the patient's preferences.

We take care of all necessary steps to enter the country, offering the opportunity to use the services of Israeli medicine without being concerned about anything else. For more information please contact our consultants.


Some of the best 150 Israeli specialists, which treat patients in the largest Israeli clinics and provide remote consultations

Professor Michal Lotem
Head of the Center for Melanoma Treatment and Cancer Immunotherapy
Unique specialist in the treatment of advanced melanoma with metastases

Rifaat Safadi
Head of the Liver Diseases Department
Member of the International Committee for the Liver Diseases Treatment

Professor Ayala Hubert
Head of the Center for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancer
Unique specialist in the field of immunotherapy for cancer of the digestive system

Professor Eldad Erez
Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department
Unique specialist in the treatment of heart defects in children

Professor Jose Cohen
Head of Endovascular Neurosurgery Unit
The Professor is one of the top 10 endovascular neurosurgeans in the world

Professor Polina Stepensky
Head of the BMT and Immunotherapy Department
Member of the European Committee for BMT in non-malignant diseases

Professor Ofer Gofrit
Head of the Urology Department
The first in Israel to use robot and THULIUM laser for prostate cancer

Doctor Amikhai Meirovich
Head of the Focused Radiation Therapy Unit
Dr. Meirovich is one of the pioneers that have implemented an innovative method of radiation treatment - brachytherapy - in Israeli medicine

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